LUI Ritual

LUI Ritual: Jess King

LUI Ritual: Jess King

Here at LUI, we love the idea of rituals: those little everyday practices that help you feel calm, centred and whole. We believe shaving deserves to be part of this self-care routine. In celebration of mindful moments, the LUI Ritual series asks friends of the brand about their own positive habits and how they elevate their day.

HI, MY NAME IS… Jess Rae King.


WHEN I WAS GROWING UP I DREAMED OF BEING… a musical theatre star.

BUT NOW I WORK AS… a curve model, content creator, writer, full time slave to my Burmese cat Draco Meowfoy.

THE FIRST THING I DO WHEN I WAKE UP IS… panic that my alarm didn’t go off, reach for my phone to check if Taylor Swift has surprise dropped Reputation overnight.

THE LAST SONG I PLAYED ON SPOTIFY… 'Message in a Bottle (Fat Max G Remix)' by Taylor Swift... total banger.


1. Juice with Metamucil. It’s not glamorous, but I know the IBS girlies can relate! 

2. Some sort of exercise class. I’m not very disciplined on my own so I need an instructor to yell at me. I love reformer pilates or anything strength/HIIT to get the endorphins going. 

3. Quick shower, skincare, SPF and a tiny bit of makeup to feel like I have my life together! 

4. If I’m not on set shooting, I will write a to do list for the day. Lists are my god send in productivity!

THE PERFUME I SPRAY ON RIGHT BEFORE I LEAVE THE HOUSE IS… I’m currently sampling Out of Office by Ficifolia. It’s divine.

MY COFFEE ORDER IS… an iced oat chai (even in Melbourne winter).

THROUGHOUT MY DAY I FIND JOY IN… a lunch or coffee break with my BF Liam when we are both working from home.

MY LUNCH ORDER IS… any sort of sandwich. Florian’s chicken sandwich is a forever fave.

MY 3PM PICK-ME-UP IS… a sweet treat. When I have time I’ll bake a choc chip Nutella banana bread!

AFTER A LONG DAY I SWITCH OFF BY… pouring a glass of wine (I love a reisling) and popping on a podcast whilst I prepare dinner.  It honestly feels like meditation.

THE LAST BOOK I COULDN’T PUT DOWN… I recently just re-read Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton. I love revisiting special books years later when I need a little boost or some nostalgia. It feels like a warm hug!


1. Shower, moisturise (LUI BODY MOISTURISER is where it’s at!) skincare, and put on my Skims PJs. 

2. Chuck on something on Netflix. I just started watching Eric -  love a crime drama. 

3. Hop into bed with my BF Liam and my cat Draco. Draco sleeps in the same spot every night with his head on the pillow like a human. He normally gets more cuddles than Liam. 

4. Get into some sort of TikTok spiral about some obscure fact. Last night was whether or not pigs can see the sky 🥲

THE LAST THING I DO BEFORE BED IS… pop on a 432hz sleep meditation and hope to fall asleep soundly but inevitably think of the all embarrassing things I did that day!