How To: Build Out Your Body Care Routine

How To: Build Out Your Body Care Routine

It’s about time we started treating our bodies with the same attention as we do our faces. Many of us invest a lot of time and money into our skincare routines, but manage to all but forget about everything below the neck. Yet our limbs are just as deserving of nourishment and ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. In line with LUI’s ‘skinification of the body’ philosophy, below are our tips on how to build out a body care routine that’s easy and effective.



Look for a PH-BALANCED body wash. Avoid anything with too much of a high foam or lather, as these formulations can contain harsh ingredients that strip the skin of its natural oils. Instead, go for something gentle and lightly cleansing to purify the skin without interrupting its balance.


Exfoliating the body is important and has MANY BENEFITS from retexturising to clearing congestion. It preps the skin for shaving and reduces ingrown hairs. Our BODY POLISH combines physical and chemical exfoliators to encourage skin cell turnover.


Hydrated skin is happy skin. Moisturising the body daily supports the skin’s natural barrier function, which is imperative in keeping skin supple and smooth. Apply our BODY MOISTURISER to damp skin. The PLANT-BASED OILS will absorb quickly for all-day hydration.


Shaving is a form of physical exfoliation that can cause micro-damage to the skin when carried out in a rush or with the wrong tools. Our signature RAZOR has five diamond-sharp blades, enclosed in a moisturising Vitamin E cushion, and weighted handle for optimal control.


Sun exposure causes premature ageing (called photoageing). Protect your skin from harmful rays with a lightweight SPF 50 body sunscreen. There are so many options now, from sprays to lotions. Find one you love and re-apply every two hours, or after swimming and exercise.



With its occlusive texture, body oil acts as a physical layer that sits on the surface of your skin, locking in all of the beautiful ingredients of your body moisturiser beneath. Body oil seals in moisture and can also help to soften stretch marks and scars.


Serums are highly concentrated formulations containing active ingredients that aim to target a specific skincare concern. Using a body serum in your body care routine can address common issues like dryness, dullness and pigmentation. Use after cleansing and before moisturiser.


The decolletage, or neck and chest, is often prone to sun damage and the signs of ageing due to being frequently on display. Think of this area as an extension of your facial skincare routine, bringing all of your favourite skincare products down to include this vulnerable zone.


We love DRY BODY BRUSHING. It sweeps away dead skin cells and promotes circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage. Use a dry body brush before your shower or bath, starting at the feet and working upwards towards the heart.