Why Your Body Care Routine Needs Plant-Based Oils

Why Your Body Care Routine Needs Plant-Based Oils

Plant-based oils nurture and nourish the skin, naturally. Not only are they rich in antioxidant properties, they also provide deep hydration to fortify the skin’s barrier function. Just as a varied diet abundant in good fats is vital for overall wellbeing, plant-based oils optimise skin health. Used in ancient cultures around the world for skin healing and fortification, plant-based oils have seen a resurgence in modern skincare due to their precious properties. Read on to find out why plant-based oils are the ingredient addition your body care routine needs. 


Plant-based oils have a similar composition to the lipids in our skin. Unlike oils derived from petroleum, plant-based oils mimic oils found in the dermis. This means they’re able to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, absorbing seamlessly without leaving a sticky or greasy finish. Coming from a completely natural source, plant-based oils are free from toxic and synthetic substances, making them ideal for even the most sensitive of skins. Compared to silicones and mineral oils (like paraffin oils and petroleum jelly), plant-based oils require a less chemically-intensive process for their extraction, making them a more environmentally-friendly option. When responsibly sourced, plant-based oils can help to support regenerative farming.


Having to survive harsh growing conditions, plants have evolved to protect themselves with supercharged antioxidant qualities. Due to their high mineral, vitamin, omega and essential fatty acid content (gained through the photosynthesis process), plant-based oils can target a wide array of common skincare concerns from treating dullness and dehydration to soothing inflammation and even addressing hyperpigmentation. Plant-based oils have been utilised medicinally for their wound-healing abilities. Their antimicrobial properties make them safe therapeutic agents. With a rich and silky texture, plant-based oils feel luxurious and nourishing on the skin.



The skin’s barrier function (or acid mantle) is essential in protecting the skin against environmental aggressors like UV exposure, pollution and bacteria. Using plant-based oils in your body care routine helps to fortify the skin’s barrier function by creating a physical layer on the top of the skin, essentially keeping the ‘bad’ out and trapping the ‘good’ in. This occlusive effect also encourages the skin to retain moisture for longer, resulting in reduced transepidermal water loss and hydrated, healthy skin. The nutrient rich qualities of plant-based oils make them perfect for restoring and repairing a damaged skin barrier (which can manifest as dryness, sensitivity, redness, congestion, itchiness and rough texture).

Our range of body care products have been formulated in Australia by female chemists using curated plant-based oils. Our BODY POLISH contains macadamia oil and soybean to leave the skin smooth and hydrated after exfoliation. Our SHAVE CREAM is made with a luxurious blend of macadamia, sweet almond, jojoba and olive oil to cushion and rehydrate the skin during shaving. Follow with the BODY MOISTURISER; cloudberry oil and soybean oil quench dry skin.