LUI Ritual: Sadaf Razi

LUI Ritual: Sadaf Razi

Here at LUI, we love the idea of rituals: those little everyday practices that help you feel calm, centred and whole. We believe shaving deserves to be part of this self-care routine. In celebration of mindful moments, the LUI Ritual series asks friends of the brand about their own positive habits and how they elevate their day.

HI, MY NAME IS… Sadaf Razi.

BUT EVERYONE CALLS ME… Sadaf (lol). A couple close friends and family call me Razi. I occasionally get Sadafy which is kinda cute.

WHEN I WAS GROWING UP I DREAMED OF BEING… like most kids who grew up in the '90s, I wanted to be a marine biologist (I don’t know why this was such a popular aspirational career choice then). I also really wanted to be on TV.

BUT NOW I WORK AS… a beauty editor! Specifically, the Senior Beauty Editor at one of Australia’s largest beauty e-tailers, Adore Beauty.

THE FIRST THING I DO WHEN I WAKE UP IS… I live between Sydney and Melbourne so I have two different starts to the morning but usually it’s: check my phone (usually news); check work Slack; then take my dog for a walk if in Sydney, or make my instant coffee (yes, I love instant) if in Melbourne.

THE LAST SONG I PLAYED ON SPOTIFY… 'Everything Is Everything' by Lauryn Hill.


1. After coffee and breakfast, I’ll pop on some sort of vitamin C. I’ve just finished SkinCeuticals Silymarin and have started Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum then AB LAB Dewy-C sunscreen on top.

2. If I have time, I try to go on a short mental health walk before starting work.

3. 8am, log on to my work laptop and start the work day!

THE PERFUME I SPRAY ON RIGHT BEFORE I LEAVE THE HOUSE IS… I’m such a fragrance person so spritzing myself before I leave the house with one of the scents in my perfume wardrobe is a must or I won’t feel complete. I have a few on high rotation, but at the moment my day scent is Aesop Eidesis.

MY COFFEE ORDER IS… almond cap.

THROUGHOUT MY DAY I FIND JOY IN… chatting to my family, the dogs, going for short walks outside to catch my breath and recalibrate a little.

MY LUNCH ORDER IS… usually a salad, boring, but I save anything carby for dinner because any time I have carbs for lunch I get too sleepy.

MY 3PM PICK-ME-UP IS… I’m 100% a savoury-over-sweet person. But I definitely reach for some sort of sweet treat around 3pm.

AFTER A LONG DAY I SWITCH OFF BY… having a relaxing shower, going for a long walk with my cousin and her dog (I live with her in Melbourne) and listening to her daily musings. She’s really funny, so it helps me forget about any daily stresses. On Fridays I’ll try to go to an exercise class after work.

THE LAST BOOK I COULDN’T PUT DOWN… at the moment I’m reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck but the last book I couldn’t put down was The Kite Runner.


1. Clean and tidy the house when I’m in Sydney.

2. Shower. I’ve just started incorporating the LUI Body Moisturiser into my PM body care routine, and it bring me so much joy. It also smells heavenly.

3. Do my skincare. This changes a lot based on season and what I’m probably road-testing for work, but as someone in their thirties, it will always involve a retinol.

4. I like to have one last look at my work to do list so I’m mentally prepared for the next day.

THE LAST THING I DO BEFORE BED IS… doomscroll on my phone (probably not the best idea before bed), and if I’m not too wiped, read a few pages of my book. I’ll also sometimes FaceTime family in Sydney before bed.