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A Note From Bec: 8 Body Care Essentials to Pack for Europe

A Note From Bec: 8 Body Care Essentials to Pack for Europe

I recently returned from three weeks in Europe and as a serial overpacker I really struggled to lean out my toiletries bag. The beauty of summer holidays are that you really don’t need too much to keep your body feeling hydrated, smooth and glowy. Here’s a list of the items I used the most whilst travelling and how I used them.

1. LUI RAZOR: I didn’t pack any Refill Blades so I made a really conscious effort to ensure I let my Razor air dry after each use. I also kept the casing on when it wasn’t in use. This ensured the blades were sharp for the entirety of the trip and prolonged the moisturising properties of the Vitamin E cushion. 

2. DRY BODY BRUSH: I use this every morning before jumping in the shower and after a long haul flight it was a god send to kick my lymphatic system back into gear. 

3. LUI BODY POLISH: This helped keep my skin smooth, bump-free and glowing. I used it every second day whilst away on damp (not wet) skin to really buff the body for a radiant glow.

4. DERMAVIDUALS FACE SELF TANNER: This is the only self tanner I use on my face. It was recommended to me by Mai, my facialist. It gives the most subtle sun-kissed glow and helps to even out your complexion. I love using this when I’m on holiday because I find I don’t need much, or any other, makeup when I’ve got it on. It also doesn’t make me break out and is still super hydrating.

5. LUI SHAVE CREAM: Hydrating, calming and a must when shaving. It helps to keep ingrown hairs at bay and allows for a close shave. 

6. LUI BODY MOISTURISER: I lather this on! It hydrates my skin like nothing else and leaves the most beautiful scent on the skin. It also works wonders on dry skin around your heels and when travelling I like to sub it in as a hand cream as well. Whilst in Spain I got eaten alive by mosquitoes one night and found that this also helped to soothe the bites and take the itch out of the skin. 

7. TAN LUXE THE BODY: These gradual tanning drops are perfect. I add them to my LUI Body Moisturiser and can get dressed straight away. They’re kind of fool proof. I found myself reaching for these every second day to top up my golden glow. 

8. MAC STROBE CREAM: Using this in my LUI Body Moistruiser was a new discovery for me. I’ve used this when doing my makeup for years but realised that when I added it to the LUI Body Moisturiser it gave the most perfect, non-greasy looking glow to the body.

SPF was another winner, obviously (!!!) but these eight items kept my body feeling great the whole trip. 

If you’re heading somewhere warmer soon, which isn’t hard if you live in Melbourne, travel safe and hopefully these will help take a little of your at-home rituals away with you and keep your skin looking smooth and glowy, wherever your are.

Love, Bec.