LUI Ritual

LUI Ritual: Zaneta Vincent

LUI Ritual: Zaneta Vincent

Here at LUI, we love the idea of rituals: those little everyday practices that help you feel calm, centred and whole. We believe shaving deserves to be part of this self-care routine. In celebration of mindful moments, the LUI Ritual series asks friends of the brand about their own positive habits and how they elevate their day.

HI, MY NAME IS… Zaneta.

BUT EVERYONE CALLS ME… Mostly Zan, occasionally Zanny.

WHEN I WAS GROWING UP I DREAMED OF BEING… a veterinarian. Until I realised I had to treat all animals, including snakes – yikes!

BUT NOW I WORK AS… a graphic designer and owner of my lifestyle brand Lost Gals.

THE FIRST THING I DO WHEN I WAKE UP IS… check my phone and drink a glass of water. If there’s a pocket of sunshine I naturally gravitate there to warm up.

THE LAST SONG I PLAYED ON SPOTIFY… 'Canopy' by Charlotte Day Wilson.

MY MORNING ROUTINE IS… Bone broth then tongue scrape, brush my teeth, followed by sunscreen, concealer, tinted moisturiser with SPF, blush and lip balm. I keep it real simple and light every day.

THE PERFUME I SPRAY ON RIGHT BEFORE I LEAVE THE HOUSE IS… 19-69 Capri. It reminds me of summer and is a scent I always reach for even in the colder months. If I do want to switch it up, I love Maison Margiela Replica in the scent Beach Walk.

MY COFFEE ORDER IS… I don't drink coffee so it’s always an oat matcha or an oat chai.

THROUGHOUT MY DAY I FIND JOY IN… laughter, a good song, and flicking through pages of a good publication finding inspiration for Lost Gals (preferably with a herbal tea in hand).

MY LUNCH ORDER IS… I will never say no to a good taco!

MY 3PM PICK-ME-UP IS… a matcha or choccy break.

AFTER A LONG DAY I SWITCH OFF BY… winding down with tea, some dark chocolate, scrolling Pinterest, and getting stuck into a good book.

THE LAST BOOK I COULDN’T PUT DOWN… Three Women by Lisa Taddeo.

MY NIGHTTIME ROUTINE IS… After dinner I’ll shower and follow that up by doing my skincare routine, flossing and brushing my teeth. Afterwards I'll brew some herbal tea (usually one that helps relax/quiet the mind), put my electric blanket on and get cosy in bed with a book. I try not to go on my phone too much before bed as I find it disrupts my sleep a lot. If I am struggling with sleep, I'll put a guided sleep meditation on and I'm out like a light!

THE LAST THING I DO BEFORE BED IS… I’ll get some aromatherapy going by rolling on lavender on my wrists and spritzing my bedding with it too. This helps my mind and body stay in a calm and relaxed state. Then I say goodnight to my boyfriend on FaceTime.