How to Properly Shave Your Body for Smooth Skin Every Time

How to Properly Shave Your Body for Smooth Skin Every Time

Body hair is natural and beautiful. Choosing to remove it is a personal choice. If you do decide to do so, there are a few ways you can easily elevate your shaving routine to ensure silky-smooth skin. Avoid irritation, nicks, bumps and razor burn by following these simple tips. Read on below for expert advice on shaving your legs, underarms, bikini line and anywhere else you please.


A perfectly clean shave requires adequate preparation. Shaving in a rush is a one-way road to disaster. We like to think of shaving as a ritual that is just as deserving as any other part of your beauty routine. Start by popping on a hair mask and face mask while you allow the warmth of your bath water or steam from your shower to slowly open up your pores. This coaxes the hair out of the follicle. Use a body exfoliator before shaving to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Our BODY POLISH contains a considered blend of physical and chemical exfoliators to delicately resurface the skin, sloughing away dead cells and creating the ideal canvas for shaving. 


You’d be forgiven for thinking that soap or shampoo might be an adequate stand-in for shave cream. These products have not been designed specifically for shaving, so won’t yield the same results. Instead, opt for a gentle shave cream that has been formulated to nurture and nourish the skin. Our SHAVE CREAM was made in Australia and developed by female chemists. It contains a luxurious blend of plant oils (macadamia, sweet almond, jojoba and olive oil) to protect the skin during shaving, while aloe vera and chamomile soothe and calm. It’s creamy and low-lather, meaning it doesn’t contain any harsh agents that will strip the skin of its natural oils.


Using a dull razor blade means that you’ll have to go over and over the same area of skin to remove the hair, ultimately increasing the chance of friction and irritation. Using a sharp blade allows your razor to glide effortlessly across the skin. Our RAZOR works with your curves to give you your best shave yet – wherever you choose to use it. Five diamond-sharp blades, enclosed in a moisturising vitamin E cushion, make for an exceptionally close shave while rehydrating the skin. We recommend replacing your REFILL BLADE after 6-8 shaves for best results.


Lathering on a moisturiser after shaving will help to rehydrate the skin, topping up any moisture content that has been lost during the shaving process. Our BODY MOISTURISER infuses the skin with long-lasting hydration and naturally active ingredients. As skincare-lovers, we wanted to include some of the best ingredients you’d find in any beauty cabinet - like hydrating squalane, brightening niacinamide and smoothing retinal. Why shouldn’t our arms and legs get the same level of attention as our faces do? Apply it as soon as you’ve stepped out of the water, while the skin is still slightly damp.