How to Treat Strawberry Legs

How to Treat Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs is a harmless but pesky condition characterised by small dark or pink spots on the skin that look like – surprise, surprise – the seeds of a strawberry. Thankfully, it's easy to prevent and treat. Read on to find out how.


Strawberry legs can occur when the pores become clogged. Dead skin, excess oil or dirt may oxidize inside the pore, resulting in a dark strawberry seed appearance. The pores may also become inflamed with ingrown hairs or bacterial and fungal infections (folliculitis). 


While they have a similar appearance, strawberry legs and keratosis pilaris are technically two different things. Keratosis pilaris results when keratin (a hard protein found naturally in the body) builds up on the surface of the skin and blocks hair follice openings, causing rough and textured patches.


EXFOLIATE OFTEN: Use an exfoliator as a regular fixture in your body care routine. This will deeply clear the pores of dirt and debris while sloughing away dead skin cells and preventing follicles from becoming blocked. Our BODY POLISH is formulated with a considered blend of both physical and chemical exfoliants (the best of both worlds!). Salicylic acid and charcoal powder deeply penetrate pores and remove impurities. Finely milled volcanic pumice polishes, revitalises and stimulates circulation. 

USE A SHARP, CLEAN RAZOR: To prevent strawberry legs, make sure you never let your razor blade become blunt. Using a dull razor blade requires you to go over the same area multiple times, which creates unnecessary friction. Our custom-designed RAZOR works with your curves to give you your best shave yet – wherever you choose to use it. Five diamond-sharp blades, enclosed in a moisturising vitamin E cushion, make for an exceptionally close shave while rehydrating the skin. We recommend replacing your REFILL BLADE after 6-8 shaves and storing your razor outside of the shower or bath between use.

NOURISH SKIN WITH SHAVE CREAM: Dry shaving causes micro-trauma to the skin, damaging the skin’s barrier and potentially leading to strawberry legs (as well as a host of other issues). It’s important to use a formulation created specifically for shaving – not a body wash or hair conditioner. We created the SHAVE CREAM to not only protect the skin during shaving, but give back to it. A luxurious, pH-balanced antioxidant formulation, it contains shea butter that softens the hair follicle and skin, while aloe vera and avocado oil soothe and calm.

FOLLOW WITH A HYDRATING MOISTURISER: Round out your body care routine by treating the skin with a hydrating moisturiser, which is vital in fortifying your skin's barrier function. Moisturising daily can help to visibly improve the look of strawberry legs and help to prevent further irritation. However, it's best to avoid products containing harsh alcohols, synthetic dyes and large concentrations of synthetic fragrance. Our BODY MOISTURISER infuses the skin with long-lasting hydration and naturally active ingredients. Squalane and niacinamide elevate moisture levels, while an antioxidant-rich blend of honeysuckle extract, cloudberry oil, soybean oil and shea butter soothes and softens for a radiant glow.